WELCOME to my blog.

When I was a senior in high school Jesus Christ called me to belong to Himself. Fifty-some years later, my heart still beats faster as I step into the mystery of following Christ, a mystery that is both beautiful and practical. I long for the generations that follow me to know Him and the beautiful, practical mystery of life in Him.


With thanks to the (in)courage Bloom book club


7 thoughts on “About

  1. welcome to the blogging world. I have been blogging at http://www.chrismalkemes.com. It is called whispered Words Captures by a Yielded Heart. Check it out. Use any good idea you find there. Was hoping you could subscribe me to your blog. I could not find a way to do that. Again….welcome.


  2. Mrs. Fleming, I am grateful to have found your blog and a place to share with you how much your writing has meant to me. I read “Pursue the Intentional Life” almost two years ago and then led a group of women through the book, too. It continues to challenge me and encourage me to live into the call of Christ on my life. Your warm style of writing is beautiful. Thank you for pursuing Him and showing the way.


  3. Hello Jean.
    This morning God answered a question. He showed me something I had not realized and you are part of that answer.
    I am 54 and have known and served God most of my life. I certainly have plenty of room to grow, (oh my!)… but through the years I have typically been in a role of leading and mentoring in other women lives. I love to teach and encourage and lovingly prod other women towards their own, deeper walk with Christ. Something that I have been asking Him for recently, is a mentor in MY life. I want an older woman to be part of my life, to speak from the next hilltop. One who will point and prod me towards that deeper walk. This morning I was praying about this and asking God, “where are these women, Lord? Where is one I can look to and be challenged by? Encouraged through?”

    Then, I picked up my tattered copy of “Pursue the Intentional Life”, opened my Bible & journal and He spoke!
    I have been SO blessed by two of your books that I’ve read, “The Homesick Heart” & “Pursue the Intentional Life”. In fact, I have read “Pursue The Intentional Life” several times and am currently leading a group of women through it, as it has so impacted my life. I’ve probably suggested and/or bought it for 5-6 others since I first got my copy.
    What the Lord revealed to me is that YOUR words are poking and prodding and pushing and petitioning my heart. They appeal to my process to think deeper and go deeper and walk deeper with God. Right now, YOU are serving that role of mentor in my life. (You may think you’re too busy to add another to your life… but sorry… that’s what you get with a book like yours! ~__^ wink ) I am understanding why I have returned to this book so many times! You ask more questions than you give answers. There ARE answers in your pages, but your words invite the process of personal discovery. I love that. I need that.
    I got curious and started searching and found your website. Manna.

    I believe He will give me a local expression of this at some point, but how thankful I am that this morning a little fog just lifted and I can see a beautiful woman standing on that next hilltop, calling back to me through the clicking of her keyboard and a prayerful heart. Thank you Jean!
    May God’s favor and blessings overwhelm you today! I pray that you will hear His voice singing over you. He is pleased!



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