Talk from the Navigator National Staff Conference


8 thoughts on “Talk from the Navigator National Staff Conference

  1. Thank you. Very meaningful words to take to heart. I have been in my home for five years struggling with extreme fatigue. My prayer has been that God will help me to get up early in the morning, and that He would help me with my choices. I desire to know the power and glory of God meeting with me in the alone place, to know the rivers of living water found in my relationship with Jesus, and to know the refreshment of the Holy Spirit’s presence to my body and soul. With tears I share on this hard day in the wilderness, but I thank God for His word and that He is teaching me His loving, tender character. I pray that He will continue to meet with me, teach me, and help me to make meaningful choices towards Him. My hearts dream is that someday He will use me in the lives of other women. Thank you for sharing.


    • Oh Sherri,
      What a hard time! Isa 63:9 and Lamentations 3:32,33 come to mind. Rest in His love and tender care. REST in a phrase that touches you. REST in the truth that He isn’t tired and He will carry you.


      • Thank you, Jean, for your kind words and the Scriptures verses. It meant a lot to be able to honestly share. Thank you for your website and writing.


  2. My boys are like the surfers you spoke of when it comes to hunting, even when it’s cold or rainy. They are passionate for the hunt and gets them out of bed at times some would call the middle of the night. Thanks for sharing this observation about human nature and how the nature of those living the redemption story should reflect a similar affair of the heart.


  3. I really appreciated this video. A friend recommended “A Mother’s Heart” two summers ago; it gave me clarity and helped me step away from an opportunity to work full-time. My kids are three and seven months. Thank you for sharing your life with me and others you don’t know!


  4. Jean, thank you for this meaningful message from your heart, so refreshing! It is such a joy at this season of my life to come alongside young women and share this affair of the heart with Jesus. He has been so faithful to build into my life through women of God like yourself and now I love passing on this treasure. Pointing them to your books and blog are gifts that nurture this affair of the heart!


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