How Are You Doing?

Two things stood out to me from a recent conversation with a man who has been super successful in leading one of the world’s most well known companies. I was quizzing him on what makes a great leader. From that conversation I gleaned two ideas that anyone can profitably apply.

Dave related that a man with a landscaping business came to him for advice. Things weren’t going as well as he hoped. Dave asked, “Do you check up on your men’s work?”

“No, I don’t need to. I trained them myself.”

Dave suggested, “I think you should check their work.”

The man returned. “You’re right. They were cutting corners. Do you have any other advice for me?”

Dave said, “What are you doing to WOW! your customers? Do your men notice if a scrub isn’t doing well and advise their client on a plant that might thrive in that shady spot? Are they alert to ways they might better serve their customers?”

So I ask you, my reader, how are you doing in keeping your date with the Lord? If you are helping others walk with Jesus, how are they doing? We need to help each other pursue the highest.

What has God called you to do? Are you seeking to WOW! your boss, employees, students, family, whomever, to the glory of God? Do you have their best interest in mind?

I’ve reposted a video of a ten minute talk I gave at the Navigator National Staff Conference last year on keeping a daily date with the Lord. I hope it will encourage you and those you are encouraging. Let’s pursue the Lord and put a little WOW! into our love for others.

Live the mystery.



One thought on “How Are You Doing?

  1. Jean it was wonderful to hear your beautiful testimony again, as well as, your faithfulness in your daily date with Jesus and how that has blessed you over the years. Because of that faithfulness you have encouraged and built up so many in their walk with Jesus. This morning I had a small group of ladies to my house to listen to my sister Sally talk on a CD about daily spending time with Jesus and the prayer folder she has blessed many of us with. Your sharing added exceeding joy to my heart and just added even more depth to the challenge already driven deep in our hearts earlier. Thank you so much! You are a cherished friend.


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