The start of the school year, (even though I haven’t had kids in school for decades), seems like the beginning of a new year for me. The smell of binder paper on sale stirs the sense that I should “get-with-it.” Fall seems like a time to move to a higher gear. In contrast, summer has a sultriness that dampens great ambitions, sometimes in healthy ways.

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Yet all around me living things are coming to more vibrant life. Flowers I planted last week are already multiplying blooms. Colors are intense as in no other season. Summer is the season for growth: for sprouting, flowering and deepening root systems. Seeds planted in spring move surely towards harvest, if conditions don’t prevent.

So I rethink my summer. I ask myself how might this green season advance the purposes of God in my life? I’m seeking the Lord in two exercises for summer growth. You may want to join me.

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One, ask the Lord to give you a summer parable for your life. Ask Him to open your eyes to see—in your newly planted grass seed, or your sprinkler system, or in the tiny hummingbird nest with jellybean-size eggs, or the crack in your patio—a picture of what He wants to do in your life. Jesus loves parables. Be receptive.

Two, think back over the last few months. What verses have most deeply ministered to you? What thoughts strengthened or challenged you? If you journal, skim back to see what pops out. These are “seeds” planted. Water and feed them this summer and ask for His ripening blessing.

Summer is a great time to live the mystery.




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