Uncommon Christian

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David Livingstone, (1813-1873) a medical missionary to Africa, a courageous explorer, and a fervent anti-slavery advocate, wrote in his diary: “I have found that I have no unusual endowments of intellect, but I this day resolved that I would be an uncommon Christian.”

What would it look like for you or me to be an “uncommon” Christian today?

The call is not to heroic jungle exploits for Christ—except in the geography of the heart.

The Lord has someone uncommon in mind when He created each of us. And we will not become that uncommon person by matching stride with the “common” Christian. The measure is always Jesus Himself (Romans 8:29). The person God had in mind when He created you is a little-Christ (a Christ-ian). The “uncommon” Christian is God’s intention for all Christians.

The world needs uncommon Christians. Together let’s learn Jesus and resolve to let Him express His life more fully in us and through us. Let’s live the mystery.



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