Window Sill of Heaven

I believed in the Lord Jesus Christ near the end of my senior year of high school. I knew very little, but the Holy Spirit stirred a sweet ache in me, a desire, something I could not articulate, an appetite I couldn’t explain. I read Jesus’ words, “Watch and pray” and, unsure what I was watching for, propped my elbows on my bedroom window sill and stared out into the night sky. I was “watching.” The Lord drew near in grace as He saw an ignorant, spiritually-newborn high school girl responding to His Word. That window was a portal into the presence of God. Later, I learned that some Christians call their devotional time with God, “the morning watch.”

I think of that window sill in my tiny bedroom as a symbol of the Lord’s desire for fellowship with His children. He called me to the window to watch, to experience His nearness. He led me to seek His face, a practice with a rich history, when I was a freshly minted new believer, fairly clueless and blessed.

Now as I approach my 75th birthday, I consider how I can continue to cultivate window-sill-connection with the Lord. I know now that Jesus responds to humble hunger. He wants me to be a life-long “watcher,” alert, receptive to Him as I read the Bible and pray, coming, looking for Him.


“Every morning lean thine arm awhile

Upon the window sill of heaven

And gaze upon thy God.

Then, with the vision in thy heart,

Turn strong to meet thy day.”

James Russell Lowell


Live the mystery.



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