I was paging through some old National Geographic magazines (picked up at the library’s “Free room”) to clip pictures for an art project for my four year old neighbor. When she comes over I give her construction paper and a glue stick. She’s a composition genius. Then we punch holes and tie the pages together into a book. In the magazines I saw two examples of creativity that I tore out for myself.

One was a boy in India who had made a small wagon from a box. He had carved very irregular wheels and attached a long tongue. The second boy was from Zululand. He used a forked stick as the  chassis of his go-kart. Adding only wooden axles, rough wooden wheels, and twine tied to the front axle to allow steering, he exuberantly bounced down a hill, his bottom balanced in the forked branch. These boys speak to me of the glory of God, of man made in God’s image.

When we first see God in Genesis, chapter one, we see Him as Creator. He is the Maker of all things. He speaks the worlds into existence, but He makes man from the mud. He speaks and stars are flung into space. He says the word and flowers push through earth. But He makes humans like a potter molds the clay, hands on.

He makes us in His image to be creative.

Charles Sharman noticed that creative Lego-builders often moved on to computer games. He created a building toy for older kids to keep them creating.

crossbeam toys

Our son Graham opens children’s imaginations with his illustrations in “i go”.





Creativity is a reflection of God. It takes a zillion shapes. I remember our daughter artfully arranging lunch on her toddlers’ plates: a peanut butter sandwich here and a fan of apple slices there. I love the hilarious banter at my oldest son’s house, our elementary-school-age grandkids patching a hole in the fence to keep the dog in, and two grandsons creating a piñata from items on hand (and lots of masking tape) for their dad’s birthday party.

Have your dates with God slipped into neutral? Could you try a very different approach to your Bible study? What small change might deepen an important relationship? As those made in God’s image, let’s open ourselves again and again to fuller expression of His life to us and through us.

I’d love to hear about creative expression in some area of your life. Live the mystery!








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