Touching Jesus

From my journal: November 5, 2015

“I’m giving a ten minute TED-type talk at The Navigators’ National Staff Conference. The talk is on the power of our choices. The choice I’m discussing is the choice to keep a daily date with God and the choice to keep it an affair of  the heart.

This morning as I met with Jesus for our date, I asked Him if our dates are what HE wants them to be. I easily fall into patterns, perhaps even ruts, in my times with the Him. Dates are for two. I’m listening. Lord, what do You want to say to me?

Then I read about the hemorrhaging woman who touched Him (see Mark 5:25-34). He was on His way to heal Jairuses’ daughter, thronged by crowds, jostled by the press of bodies, when He knew He had been touched. This touch was different, distinguishable. She touched Jesus in faith that registered with Him. He felt healing power leave. A spiritual transaction took place and He knew it.

Lord Jesus, I want to touch You. I don’t want to have the crowd-mentality. The crowd moved in the same direction as You, but they didn’t TOUCH You. They may have brushed up against You or pressed against You in the crush, but they didn’t TOUCH You.

Lord, work Your work in me that I might truly touch You, that I might connect with You, that Your power might have its full effect in my life. Cleanse me. Move me. Teach me. Train me. Use me. Bless me. Heal me. Fill me. Touch me that I might TOUCH You.”



One thought on “Touching Jesus

  1. Thank you. I had been praying that Jesus would tenderly touch me–every part. Thank you for the new perspective that, just like the bleeding woman, I can touch Jesus through my faith.


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