Hold Tight

How do you keep the truth close by? What “mechanisms” help you remember the truths God shows you? l often lose the truth in the swirl of life. Even the thoughts or insights that deeply impress tend to evaporate once life revs. When God reveals His truth to me, it is a gift to embrace and enlarge, something precious to remember and cultivate. Over the years I’ve tried to find ways to hold on to what Jesus reveals: index cards, journal, a rubber band on my wrist, anything to remind and stir.

Here’s something our daughter Beth uses. She has compiled ten “Cosmic Laws,” Biblical truths she wants to shape her life. Beth reviews them weekly.


  1. Trust God with all your heart.
  2. Trust Him to do His will, NOT yours.
  3. Praise and thank Him. It is always the right thing to do (especially when you don’t know the right thing to do).
  4. Confess and repent. This is the first step toward holiness.
  5. Seek the Truth. Seek God. He is the only one who knows what it is. He wrote it.
  6. Speak the Truth. NO spin, even to yourself.
  7. Do the good He puts in front of you to do (even if it is just to unload the dishwasher).
  8. Be strong and courageous. You will need to be. Life is hard.
  9. Do not let anything steal your JOY.
  10. Life is short. Live with all your heart (and start a Post-bucket list. This is just the beginning. You have eternity).

How will you hold on to what the Lord shows you? It’s an important part of LIVING the mystery.


3 thoughts on “Hold Tight

  1. Thank you for those good insights. I often find that God uses your writing here to encourage me and to reinforce what I am learning from Him. Last week, Monica’s thoughts on being an aroma for Christ helped me as I invited several non Christian friends over for dinner. Today, Beth’s list reminds me to stay close to Him regardless of my circumstances.


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