Commitment to Love

Something I read some years ago jarred and challenged me. Inspired me, too. In the novel an order of nuns asked themselves three questions in spiritual appraisal. One question was: Have I lived up to my commitment to trust God’s love completely? A “commitment to trust God’s love completely” was a gathering of words that unsettled me in a good way. The idea of making a “commitment” to trust God’s love was a new way of expressing the life of faith. I had to confess (and have to confess) that I have not “lived up to this commitment.” In fact, I haven’t thought of it as a commitment.

Even after fifty-seven years of belonging to Christ, I still struggle with trusting His love completely — but I want to. For me, it always seems to be a process: struggle, inspiration, confession and trust. Current inspiration is Psalm 147:11. “But the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him, in those who hope in His steadfast love.”

I found a paraphrase of this verse that touches deep chord in me: “But His joy is in those who reverence Him, those who expect Him to be kind.” The Lord receives pleasure when I trust His love completely. It gives Him joy when I reverence Him and expect Him to be kind. So many thoughts to contemplate here: The joy of giving God joy…the lovely tension between a healthy fear of God and a settled confidence that He will do me good…making a commitment to trust God’s love.

It’s my desire and intention to, more immediately and completely, trust in His unfailing love, His mercy, and loving-kindness, in the situations that I encounter. The good question the nuns asked reminds me that a commitment declares that I’ve already made the choice: I will trust God’s love. I’ll probably continue to need the process but, by His grace, I hope to trust His love more immediately and completely.

Live the mystery.



2 thoughts on “Commitment to Love

  1. Oh dear Jean, I had to reread several of your blogs, so blessed beyond words. But the one I especially revel in is “Commitment to Love”, God had this for me to chew over and apply in the situation we have in our wonderful church family. Several dear ones are in deep trials, and we are sharing with these we love and trusting the Lord for the best for them and His strength and grace. Thank you so much!


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