Wednesdays with Jesus

At the coffee shop

When our children started school, I set aside one morning a week for extended time with the Lord. After a few years I enlarged the time and reserved the hours they were in school for prayer and the Bible. Wednesdays were my date with Jesus. Sometimes I stayed home; sometimes I tucked myself away at an outdoor table or a booth at Wendy’s. I’ve had an empty-nest for years now and Wednesdays are again my day with God. 

No two Wednesdays look the same. They are a date with a Person. 

This morning I read in the Old Testament book of Judges, looking and listening. I wrote down my thoughts and prayers. In the afternoon I read in a book written by a British pastor in 1895 that I brought along. I took a walk, reviewed my goals, revisited some previous journal entries and ordered another chai-latte.

This morning I’m in Starbucks at the most remote table with my back to the world. Even so, I met Nick. He saw me with my Bible and asked if I was a pastor. Nick is a Catholic seminarian with seven years of training under his belt and two more to go. He is going on a five-day silent retreat and asked if I would pray for that time. His spiritual director will give him five verses each day. He will attend each verse for an hour.

Inspired by Nick, I asked my husband to assign me five verses for next Wednesday. Like Nick, I’ll devote an hour to each one. I love Wednesdays!


3 thoughts on “Wednesdays with Jesus

  1. Oh how I am loving these visits with you dear Jean, via your blog. Thanks so very much for doing this. A whole new group od women will be blessed by your musings, your maturity in our Lord Jesus. What verses did Roger choose?


  2. Jean, I read your book “A Mother’s Heart” a couple of months ago, and it was life-changing! Thank you for giving so many practical suggestions for passing along the love of the Lord and leading little ones in their personal walk with the Lord. I love the idea of picking scriptures for our spouses to meditate on throughout the week. My husband and I will try this next week!

    Jenny, a 33 year old mom of 2 toddlers


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