What is Your Favorite Color?

Why do we ask, “What is your favorite color?” Why do we ask the various “favorite” questions? What is your favorite book? Book of the Bible?  Of the books you’ve written, which is your favorite? And such.

I answer the favorite color question with, “Favorite color for what?” I build my wardrobe around black. My favorite color for sky is intense Colorado blue with big, mounding cumulus clouds, unless it is a sunset. Then, I love deep roses and corals that move to dusky purples.

Dad and tre

When I look at this photo my favorite colors become pumpkin and skin color, glowing rich. These colors reflect the warm interaction of Dad and only son. This prompts me to wonder about the colors around the throne where Father and Only Son sit.

“A throne stood in heaven, with one seated on the throne. And he who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian, and around the throne was rainbow that had the appearance of an emerald” (Revelation 4:2,3).

I think in heaven my favorite color will be emerald-rainbow-green.

Why do we like to rank and list? I’ve noticed women’s magazines often ask questions: What was the best gift you’ve ever received? The internet has multiple sites: What are the  top ten blogs for writers? Or best sites for gerbil owners? And who can forget Julie Andrews naming her favorite things in “The Sound of Music”?

Blog photo

Do we ask “What is your favorite color?” as a non-threatening way to begin to know another? Or do we ask ourselves these questions to slow us down to reflect, measure, organize? Does the process give us weight and substance?

What do you think?


9 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Color?

  1. I love my 4 year old’s response to this question, because it changes by the second. She says, “My favorite color is _____,” in a list fashion sometimes, one after the other. There is no categorizing, no organizing, no compartmentalizing. I agree, my favorite color changes depending on what it’s for. It isn’t easily categorized. And that’s just fine with me.


  2. It eminds me of the prayer of examen, a bedtime ritual my ex-Greek Orthodox mom naturally practiced with me without telling me the name of the tradition:
    “What was your favorite thing today, honey?”
    “Making chocolate chip cookies!”
    “And least favorite?”
    “Um, when I fought with Johnny…”
    It’s simple and yet leads to godly reflection.

    I like what’s your favorite color (red just about always for me, although an orange red sunset over a glowing turquoise Pacific ocean is about the best ever combination) and I love how you’ve gone deeper with the question, giving us a frame for form follows function in colors.

    So glad you’re blogging! Can’t wait to read your loving thoughtful words in my inbox.

    (Monica is our common friend. “A friend of Monica’s is always welcome.”)


  3. I think any kind of a question is a great way to begin a conversation that might develop into a friendship or a spiritual conversation or even a way to encourage one another. I am working at being a better question asker!!


  4. Conversation concerning color between my 4 year old granddaughter and my daughter concerning a meeting with her 2 1/2 year old sister: “Two days ago, Naomi scheduled a meeting for her and Liv the following day at 2:30… Today, I asked her how her meeting went yesterday and she replied “not great, we had to cancel it.” What was your meeting supposed to be about? I asked. “colors”… What about colors? “we were going to decide on the colors of evening and joy.” That is too bad, I said. Guess, that’s on the agenda for today.”

    So evenings have color and so does joy…and the little child will lead us…


  5. You’ve got me wondering. I’ve seen people show annoyance or defensiveness when asked about their favorites. I wonder why? Maybe it makes them feel tied down. Maybe they don’t want to be compartmentalized.

    Maybe people pick a favorite color because it makes them feel unique? I know a boy whose favorite color was blue. Then when his younger brother grew up and started saying, “That’s my favorite color too!” the older brother changed his favorite color to red.

    I do think asking about favorites helps us know the other person better. For example, giving a list of top ten favorite books or authors would reveal a lot about anyone! (Confession: when I enter someone’s house for the first time, I’m always drawn to their bookshelves and see what’s on them.) Hmm . . . maybe the revealing aspect is another reason some people dislike being asked about favorites—they don’t want others to know that much about them. In which case, asking about favorites would be a threatening instead of a non-threatening question!

    And as the mother of a guinea pig owner, I can certainly understand that there are lists of best sites for gerbil owners.


  6. Love this – my favorite color is periwinkle 😉 But it is a wonderful conversation starter…..colors are so fun and unique! My brother’s favorite color has been “sky blue orange with a purple tint” – hard to beat a rising or setting sunset for great color!


  7. Your blog is off to a wondrous start!
    You’ve voiced a question that I have felt but not yet verbalized. I wonder how many times I’ve asked someone a question where I genuinely and solely wanted to learn something about them, and was not just waiting for my turn to talk about myself. Lord, forgive my selfish heart!


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