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I’m new to blogging.  Even reading blogs is a new part of my life.  So I was a bit surprised when I plugged “Jean Fleming” into Google and found “Jean Fleming-model,” “Jean Fleming-Irish racehorse,” “Jean Fleming-UK executive,” and pages of “Jean Fleming obituaries.”  It’s also startling to me, to find that I can read comments readers posted about my books.  And humbling to find that people I’ve never met have reviewed my books or reprinted articles that I’ve written.

So, a novice blogger begins:


6 thoughts on “New Blogger

  1. I read Pursue the Intentional Life with the Bloom book club last spring. It was reaffirming on so many levels. I bought The Homesick Heart, Between Walden and the Whirlwind, and A Mother’s Heart in December, and I’m slowly making my way through A Mother’s Heart. As a mom to 3 between the ages 4 and 5 months, I’m finding your words from the 80’s resonating deeply in me. I’m so very excited that you’re taking up blogging! I’ll be keeping up!


  2. Oh, Jean…I’m SO thrilled Monica nudged me to visit your little blogging spot! AND…remind me I have a few questions to answer from a very special new-blogging friend :).

    Your wisdom and words are a gift to the online world. You inspire me by your appetite for trying new things.

    Yes…let’s live the mystery! {{hugs}}


  3. Jean….sorry. I didn’t see where to comment here and put my comment on your “about” page. Please delete it there, and read it here. 🙂
    Jean, I would hardly call you a novice! I’ve read every one of your books, and each has transformed my life in its own way. Between Walden and the Whirlwind (later renamed, but whose first title I so love) helped me to set boundaries, determine values, and get off the executive merry-go-round; then A Mother’s Heart helped me to navigate the deep waters of motherhood when I had a child at forty (I was way out of my league); A Homesick Heart touched *this* heart who was homesick for God at a difficult time of apathy; then you taught me how to feed my soul at a deeper level. Finally, Pursue the Intentional Life is providing soul-searching thought as I begin to think in terms of God-directed legacy and making the most of my remaining years on the planet. Novice?! I think not. You’ve just decided to write in a different genre. I hope you will let us know why. I’m intrigued. I, too, am a traditionally published author who has considered occasionally plunging again into the writing lake to which Madeleine L’Engle referred. She wasn’t indicating blogging, particularly, but certainly blogs feed the lake. I’ve just shied away from it. So . . . I am wondering why you, lo, all these books and later, have decided to take this particular plunge? I do wish you so well, and may God anoint and bless every word you write here, and send it out into the world to touch many a heart who needs Him.
    Lynn Morrissey


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